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Are you a budding amateur athlete who is good enough to be judged by an expert whose first-class track record speaks volumes? Tempted, but you think no one can make these sorts of bold futuristic assessments that predict an athlete’s future results and placements? Well, welcome to the world of the ATHLETE GURU.

Sure, you have a right to be skeptical. You’re just now discovering Athlete Guru and you have never heard of Marc Philip Agar, the founder/owner of Athlete Guru. Well, in 1994, Marc brought personally and privately his cutting-edge insights and full package evaluating processes into sports worldwide. He advised rising elite athletes globally, spanning the spectrum from Tennis, Triathlon, Skating, USA Major League Soccer, Motor Sports, MLB Baseball, NFL Football, Track and Field, Swimming, Biking, X Games, Action Sports, Cycling and Basketball. And now, for the first time ever, he brings his abilities out in the open and directly to your personal arena and stage.

To date no one has dared put themselves so boldly out in the public eye, claiming they could identify and predict competitive outcomes of talented athletes before they barely reach high school age. No one has dared to guide and redirect late 20s and early 30s “beyond their prime” athletes who still are holding onto their dream to compete at the highest levels. But Marc has done it. Time and time again. Olympic and world-class athletes, professional ball players, International Federation athletes, high school and college-age athletes have all benefitted from his approach. Scores have earned scholarships to universities of their choice, hundreds have gotten scouted and been awarded a draft slot and a professional opportunity. Younger and older competitors, female and male, all nationalities, all positions on the field; they have gotten their chance and many have exceeded beyond their expectations.

Whether it’s one sport or another, Marc has continued to put his track-record and reputation on the line and has evaluated expertly budding amateurs just like you or your family member(s). He has gotten the earliest of reads and has suggested the earliest of recommendations. He has expressed the realism necessary to determine whether you or your family member(s) are on the right track to make it BIG. These are very bold statements and an incredibly difficult task, but the Athlete Guru will place his unmatched evaluations and remarks up against anyone.

Olympic and World medalists, aspiring stars in virtually all sports worldwide, can gain invaluable insights and critical career path guidance from acquiring what Marc evaluates and his all-important opinions on what he believes it will take to get you/your child to the next level(s). Importantly, he identifies what it will take to achieve the ‘it factor’ to win and win big.

Few may be ready for candor and truth. Few may want to pay the fees. That’s fine. This isn’t going to be for everyone, nor should it be. But most will conclude they can’t do without it—that the monies and time saved ultimately far outweigh the expense. Compare these relatively few hours against what you spend currently on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

How much is it worth to get on the right path to help ensure the train is moving correctly and smoothly and to help deter any potential derailment or at the very least, a severe career path meandering? What’s it worth finding out before it’s too late what you could have learned to do, what you should have done and didn’t do. This is no time for “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”

You’ve been looking for this advice. You’ve been seeking such a paid consultant. But you didn’t think anyone existed or that you couldn’t trust anyone. WELL, HERE IT IS!!!!!


This is what we offer you: A no-nonsense set of consulting day(s) to evaluate each aspiring athlete. This entails a thorough set of professional day(s) with expert advice, structured, confidential/private appointments, with easy to understand evaluations coupled with plenty of on-point and concrete recommendations.

Four Canadian women "pursuit" cyclists compete at the "Worlds" in Australia in 2019.
Team Canada—Canadian Women's Team Pursuit @ Brisbane, Australia 2019—Bronze Medalists

Like any good professional for serious and committed athletes, it comes at a price only for the serious among us: $295/hr., plus expenses. For a limited time, we are offering a one-time four-hour (zoom) special for $995.


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