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Find out before it’s too late what it’ll take to excel as an athlete. This is no time for “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”

Time and time again, Athlete Guru has identified and predicted future competitive outcomes of talented athletes, often even before they reach high school age.

Athlete Guru evaluates each athlete to understand their potential and what it will take to achieve the “it factor” required to win and win BIG. You need honest advice from an expert like Athlete Guru to understand your game and avoid future career pitfalls.

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Based on Athlete Guru’s expert evaluation, you will receive personalized, confidential recommendations to help you succeed. This career path consequential information, along with invaluable insights, will help propel you to the next level.

How much is it worth to be on the right path? Athlete Guru will help ensure you’re on the road to success through every stage of your journey.

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Headshot of Josh Advocate

Marc has been great. There are so many things I was unaware of. He has made it clear what to expect. I’m thankful to have had Marc over the past decade to help me and my family navigate the baseball world.

Josh Advocate

Texas Rangers Pitcher

Our Team

Marc Philip Agar

Marc Agar has decades of experience guiding athletes to the next level of their athletic careers. Through Athlete Guru, you can receive his cutting-edge insights and full package evaluation processes.

Marc knows what it takes to succeed and can help you reach your dreams. He’s identified and advised athletes who’ve succeeded in the Olympics, the MLB, the NFL, International Federations, and minor league sports.

Marc is professionally licensed and during his long career, has received/earned the following accreditation, awards, and results:

  • Juris Doctorate (Doctor of Law)
  • American Jurisprudence awards in Contracts, Evidence, Trials, and Appellate Advocacy.
  • Fellowship-trained at Cornell University Graduate School, Ithaca, NY.
  • Major League Baseball Players’ Association Certification.
  • National Football League Players’ Association Certification.
  • Canadian Football League Players’ Association Certification.
  • Negotiated a $3.2 million draft signing bonus on a four-year Major League deal (one of the select few granted straight from college).
  • 1st player selected in Rule 5 MLB draft; 4th player overall in Rule 4 draft.
Headshot of Marc Philip Agar wearing a black suit and white shirt.

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